Targeted Recommissioning & Analytics

Improving Building Environment - Finding and Fixing HVAC Operating Issues

Persistent Energy Savings

Targeted Recommissioning

Continuous recommissioning analyzes data every few minutes looking for unexpected operating conditions. Each opportunity retrieves the latest real-time data for processing through analysis routines.

Equipment Commissioning

One time equipment commissioning eventually diminishes.


Continuous Analysis

Predictive Maintenance

Indoor Air Quality


Runs as an automated process evaluating equipment building automation system.

Automated analysis points to subtle equipment operating issues that influence efficiency and IAQ

Samples temperature, humidity, TVOC, and CO2 in context of equipment runtime operation and room occupancy

Continuous Analytics


Analytics-generated alerts 

Understand whether or not systems are working as expected using analytics. Measure system performance at-the-margin to predict operating problems of the future.

At-the-margin performance tracking is key to understanding system performance. Examining key variables during marginal conditions points to potential operating problems that can be managed - in advance - to prevent operating problems.

Extended operating data

Ensure & Protect Building Environment


Verify system operating parameter limits

Exceeding boundary limits often points to future operating issues. It's not enough to use BAS equipment alarms as boundary exceptions. Leverage our in-depth variable analysis to track down mechanical problems. Annotate those issues for future reference as part of the building history. Then use this history for future work, training, and improving equipment operating performance for the future. 

Manage HVAC Operating Standards


Measure conditioned air delivery

Today's buildings are built to newer standards that require close attention to HVAC equipment operation. BAS alarms signal major problems. By contrast IRIS Analytics continuously looks for marginal but not crippling operating issues. Use our automated approach to systematically track building performance over extended time periods. Verify that it works as expected. 

Track and Manage Alerts

Equipment Operating Alerts

Comparative Analysis

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Operating Details