Data Driven Building Management


Remote Access


System support uses encrypted connections linking system components to our cloud servers.


Access security is available as:

  • Login / password

  • ZeroTier (SDN)

Browser Access

Building managers and techs easy access through:

  • Smartphone

  • Tablet

  • Laptop

  • No app needed

Alert Summaries

  • Online access

  • Searchable content

Connection Strategies

Behind Firewall Access

Secure Connection

Dedicated firewall connection for remote support of connected devices

  • Remote configuration

  • Setup and testing

  • Instant connection

Extended Support

Enables one or many buildings for quick secure access

  • Minimizes field trips

  • Simplifies setup

Single Building Access
Multi Building Access

Live Snapshots

Captured data available for offline preview and search

Swipe area to zoom - mouse over for details